luni, 16 ianuarie 2012

Jexy and we KNOW it :D

OMG...Finally the 500k video appeared ..
I imagine what was in your mind when you saw this on twitter or youtube (*Omj..i can't belive it's here ...just at a click away..I must click and enjoy the beauty... *)but obvious the video has a limit of age on if you can't watch it on your actualy account just because you're minor (like the most of jedheads :)) )just create a new account like us..Ehh..we have about 15 Yahoo accounts in 'jedward language' but it doesn't matter:))
  I know you waited too much time to see this wanted video (since september i think) but now it's here...just for you,jedicated fans...

After you see the video you should take a deep breath (before you press the 'replay' button) and think how they changed after 3 years from they appeared on TV for the frist time...
From here...2 cute boys..:D

To overload..:D
But...Anyway they will look or do i'm pretty sure we'll love our jexy twins...

Ohh..I almost forgot...I see that MrsUchiha93(Libby on her name:D and I pretty sure you know her.) uploaded a new video with parts of the "followers" videoes....and it's amaizing...Just watch it...:D

Now you can return at the 'replay' button and enjoy the jexy video..:D

Peace out!

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