luni, 19 septembrie 2011

Many Jedheads..:D

Heeey Jedheads..Dupa cum puteti vedea ,in josul paginii ,dreptunghiul albastru ne arata cine e pe blog...Se pare ca am avut vizitatori din Irlanda, Germania ,Anglia, Suedia si evident din Romania :)) asa ca vrem sa va multumim tuturor si va rugam sa mai lasati si cateva comentarii daca vreti la care vom raspunde cu drag..:D

Deci daca vreti sa ne contactati adaugati pe mess :jedfanjohanna si shairastar ori de puteti urmari pe Twitter :@jedkate11 si @jedfanjohanna si dam follow back:D

Peace out! 
P.s.Sorry if you don't understand romanian...but please leave a comment in english:D Or you can translate (google translate is helpful:>)and please follow us @jedkate11 and @jedfanjohanna or you can add in your YM list our IDs :jedfanjohanna and shairastar:D
 We love all our visitors:*:*:*

4 comentarii:

  1. hey hey hey! :3
    nice blog:) idk what to say:D
    I used google translate for reading your Romanian message:D
    I specially created a blog to leave a comment:DDD
    btw I'm from Moscow (Russia) and my name is Anastasia :)
    and I follow both of you on Twitter
    my Twitter name: @nastya_panina
    much love and Jedhugs <3

  2. I'm one of the persons that don't understand romanian :D My Dad said that's a little bit like italian (my dad is from Italy) BUT T DON'T UNDERTAND!And I'm too lazy to translate it now(I have to take a shower) :D You're blog seems nice so I wanted to leave a comment here ;D
    Jedheads Are The Best <3 :3

  3. For Anastasia:Thanks a lot...because you created a blog just for a comment and you try translate our posts..We send many messages to all our followers and they just enter but they don't leave a comment...So thanks a lot again and Peace out :D (:=

  4. For veo:Yeah ..the romanian it's like italian(i mean when a person say something in italian i can understand some words) For example in italian :"senzatione" and in romanian :"senzatie"...they are similar...Btw i see the word on my shower gel:))...Thanks for visit and Peace out (:=